Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok


Weekend Events Sep.18-21

2015-09-18 12:51:15

【Double Gold Weekend】

From 00:00 19th Sep.
Till 23:59 20th Sep. (PDT)

Starting from 00:00 this Saturday,  the Gold coin reward from clearing Normal and Elite levels will be DOUBLED.

The bonus Gold will be collected in the Battle Results screen.

【Decuple Summoning and win Light of Life】

From 00:00 18th Sep.
Till 23:59 21th Sep. (PDT)

During the event, the Heroic (2500) Decuple summonings you did in the Altar will be added up to a total amount.
When this amount reaches certain levels, you`ll receive the respective reward.

Doing Decuple-Summoning 1 time:
Blue Artifact of Life × 3 sets; Artifact Essence III × 30;

Doing Decuple-Summoning 2 times:
Purple Artifact of Life × 1 set; Artifact Essence IV × 10;

Doing Decuple-Summoning 3 times:
Purple Artifact of Life × 3 sets; Artifact Essence IV × 30;

Doing Decuple-Summoning 4 times:
Purple Artifact of Life × 5 sets; Artifact Essence IV × 50;

The summoning record can be stacked, so be sure to do 4 Decuple-Summonings and get all rewards!

These events are available for all online servers.
Each tier of reward can only be claimed once per character.
The rewards will be sent via in-game mails after achieving winning condition.
Only the Decuple Summoning, which is the second option in Heroic Summoning will be valid.