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Notice on the issues of Arena & Coliseum daily rewards

2015-05-14 13:34:05

Starting from yesterday, we've been receiving feedbacks indicating the Arena and Coliseum's reward mails were not working properly.

As the result, a lot of players did not receive their daily rewards of Arena settling and Coliseum ranking for May 11th and 12th.


Our dev team has been working on this issue since, and at this moment, the problem has been solved.
Starting from May 13th , all daily rewards will be delivered on time. 
If you're still not receiving anything, please contact us.


Finally, to those who didn't receive their daily rewards of May 11th and 12th, thank you for your patience.
Here is what we're going to do to as compensation:


For Arena rewards:

At 22:00 (PDT) May 11th and 12th.
Players who ranked 1 ~ 10 will receive the reward pack for Rank 1 (100,000 Gold coins, 800 Conquest points and 500 Diamonds).
Players who ranked 11 ~ 100 will receive the reward pack for Rank 11 (50,000 Gold coins, 580 Conquest points and 250 Diamonds).
Players who ranked 101 ~ 20000 will receive the reward pack for Rank 101 (25,000 Gold coins, 460 Conquest points and 90 Diamonds).
The reward for each day will be sent in separate mails, so if you were ranked on both days, you'll receive 2 mails containing the respective rewards for your rankings on 11th and 12th.



For Coliseum rewards:

Unfortunately, the reward list for this mode resets everyday, we couldn't send out rewards based on your rankings. 
So the entire server "Ashes of Ashran" will receive Rank 1 reward pack (20,000 Gold coins and 2000 Honor Points) instead.
The reward for each day will be sent in separate mails, meaning all players of Ashes of Ashran will receive 2 × Rank 1 reward packs.



The compensations will be sent shortly. If the messages have been delayed, we advise rebooting the game or refresh your in-box.


Our apology for the inconvenience caused by this issue and will do our best to avoid any possible loss that may have done to your game profile.


Thank you very much.